Make Sure You Are Using Your Child’s Car Seat Correctly – Learn More From a Local Car Seat Tech

Make Sure You Are Using Your Child’s Car Seat Correctly – Learn More From a Local Car Seat Tech


Guest Post by Nichole Brown, Child Passenger Safety Technician

The question I’m asked most often is “What seat should I buy for my child/ren?”

Parents focus so much on what gear to get that they forget the most important aspect of child safety seats – making sure they are installed properly and used properly. Picking a seat is just the first step.

The best seat is one that fits your budget, your child, your vehicle and your lifestyle. These are all questions I ask parents when they ask for seat recommendations. I then offer to help them install it properly. Unfortunately, most do not take me up on my offer. A $300 seat with all the bells and whistles improperly installed is less safe than a $40 basic seat installed properly.

So I ask…Is your child in the correct seat? Is it installed properly? Stop wondering and schedule a free car seat check up with a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

Tangipahoa Parish has 5 experienced techs and several newly certified techs. We are Sheriff Deputies, Hammond and Ponchatoula Police Officers, Hammond Fire Fighters, Safety Advocates and Community Health Educators. There are two fitting stations that can help you schedule a car seat check up with one of our techs. North Oaks Medical Center hosts one of the Fitting Stations with MaryEllen Jenkins (Regional CPST Coordinator). Nichole Brown also has a Fitting Station by appointment only.

Please see the contact information below to make sure your child is in the correct seat and that it’s properly installed.

Having a seat isn’t enough. Make sure you are using it correctly.

Contact information:

Nichole Brown, CPST
Taking appointments for Jan 18 at Bill Hood Hyundai from 10 am – 1 pm. By appointment only.

Mary Ellen Jenkins, CPST Regional Coordinator
(985) 230-7777 to schedule an appointment or (985) 230-5540 to contact Mary Ellen.
Taking appointments for 1st Thursday of the month from 8 am – 4 pm.

To find a tech in your area, visit

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